BlackBoxStocks Review

Think what the ability to filter down all securities to only the potential runners means to you. I pondered over how to achieve this and for me the complicated solution was to personally begin coding trading algorithms. These algorithms that I coded while powerful and profitable awkwardly became obsolete when I discovered Here’s my personal…


Option Success?

If you’re new to options you should probably stop to learn the mathematics behind options. If you don’t know the meaning of: VEGA THETA IMPLIED VOLATILITY REALIZED VOLATILITY IV TIME FRAME CONVERSION OF IV TIME FRAME TO DAILY TIME FRAME your success at options are equal to winning the lottery. If you don’t know the…


Market Observations

It came to my attention that SPY a popular ETF saw a short volume of over 12 Million, Less than 13 Million. Short volume of this size hasn’t been seen since a small dip around mid December, 2019. Traders may take caution as short sellers appear to be applying pressure.