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Think what the ability to filter down all securities to only the potential runners means to you. I pondered over how to achieve this and for me the complicated solution was to personally begin coding trading algorithms. These algorithms that I coded while powerful and profitable awkwardly became obsolete when I discovered

Here’s my personal o̶n̶e̶ ̶w̶e̶e̶k̶ One Year review on

To begin all traders want a community to belong in which have a broad range of experienced traders. This is exactly the first thing I noticed seeing the many members discuss options that could play out. Though I’m only an occasional option trader to protect certain positions I knew I belonged among the attentive members. The chat functionality is awesome with instant messaging as shown in the screenshot (Below.)

In pre-market when the first alerts began to walk in the eye catching ones were added to my screens. Later near the opening of the market I noticed volume spiking suspiciously wiping out level 2. I jumped into this security and attained a partial fill. The security was a low float stock which one of my algorithms had detected end of week Friday. Seeing detect the same security as my algorithm puzzled me.

The way BlackBoxStocks shows you securities is in two filters. The first is Generic Alerts (Alert Stream  below left) – There’s a dedicated page that streams useful data in real time such as new 52 week highs, lows, above average volume, and more. The other is the Priority Alerts (Alert Log below middle) – When a security reaches multiple criteria it’s transferred to the alert log. I the pull up Level 2, time sales, and investigate.

I won’t tell you that BlackBoxStocks is guaranteed to make you profits however I can tell you that one of the most desired things for me was EYES. With so many securities available to purchase and short sell BlackBoxStocks made it easy for me to crunch the data and see what could potentially move towards my favor. This easy effortless process allows me to sit and wait for a security to meet my personal trading criteria.

Again… This easy effortless process allows me to sit and wait for a security to meet my personal trading criteria and I repeated this because traders should not jump into a position because of an alert, prior to entering any position a trader in my personal opinion must analyze the potential risk, return, and time period with predetermined potential entries and exits. This supplemented by their personal risk metrics and experience. Again, don’t trade just to trade.. recently after a winning streak I took a seat back and became anxious because sitting capital is not making me any money. I then decided to hop over to my algorithm and noticed I didn’t see $SNAP I loaded the data saw the volume and placed a limit order filled immediately. I saw the price spike up nearly 13 cents and my excitement was short lived because Intraday I bought at the highs and a decline then ensued leaving me unable to close the position in time causing me a small loss in a matter of about 5 minutes.
With BlackBoxStocks and my trading abilities I patiently sip a hot beverage watching the incoming alerts; Then I analyze the security to determine If it meets my personal criteria.
In my first week I generated sufficient revenue to pay for an entire year of service without discount. *Note If the entire year is purchased with an upfront payment in full there’s a sweet discount.* The regular Monthly service cost only Eighty Dollars which is a lot less than my monthly trade fees. BlackBoxStocks is a powerful tool that belongs in any trader’s arsenal. Before BlackBoxStocks I was coding complicated algorithms with continuous fine tuning as the market shifts in behavior. Now I just sit back while BlackBoxStocks crunches all the data for me.

Why Pay for a charting service? I’m personally not really into technical analysis because my coding does the TA for me. However if you’re a charter The Box has you covered. Shown left is a chart for CERU on a #volatile breakout. With the charting tool you can add indicators just as you can with other charting services; good enough to get the job done without all the unused features of sites dedicated solely to charting.

All done using LIVE REAL TIME DATA! See the example with the volatility indicator. (Above) it displays CERU 1.27 last 1.25 bid 1.27 ask with 32.5M shares traded up 173.9%

If you’re wondering… “What’s the Volatility Indicator?” it basically indicates positive or negative pressure to identify a potential trading direction. I’ve day-traded securities with the Volatility indicator which swings right with buy pressure and left with sell pressure. This tool aids me in deciding when to exit a position. My trading knowledge determines the entry.

Update 12/29/2017 – The team continues to add features! I’m amazed at how much time is being dedicated to the service to help traders. High quality headlines feed has been added and has proved useful by alerting of after-market corporate actions.

I’d like to add that I personally recommend that for you to get the most out of Black Box Stocks you utilize Interactive Brokers which provides you with longer trading hours. BlackBoxStocks monitors securities throughout the entire trading session both pre and after and believe me things get #volatile after hours with news hitting.

With interactive brokers you’ll be able to trade as early as the big boys. Additionally if you’re age 25 and under you don’t need to put up 10,000 as your minimum deposit. Age 25 and under can proceed with a minimum 3,000.

I hear that soon they’ll be adding option volume and sweeps. This will be good!

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