Date – The date of record for which short data is provided.

Ticker– The public trading symbol for which short data is provided.

Short – The aggregate TRF Reported short volume.

We provide a higher count than other websites because we utilize FIVE TRFs

TRF Vol- The aggregate volume reported by the TRF

EOD vol – Day close volume provided by data service.

Open – Security Open Price

High – The high point a securities price reached.

Low – The lowest trading level a security reached.

Close – The closing price of the security for the day.

Short % – Short volume % of TRF volume

Short Dollar Amount – Approximate dollar volume shorted.

What is the test indicator? We accidentally stumbled upon an indicator that when the Test Indicator values spike positively or negatively into double digits, the security becomes volatile and makes odd movements.

When is data available? 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM ET.